Online Data Room Providers Review

Invest your time and effort into the search and study the providers meticulously

Choosing a vendor that will truly satisfy all the needs of your business is a rather challenging task. And paying for the unfitting service doesn’t really sound attractive because data rooms are not very cheap.


If you’re looking for the best provider, you can merely stop right here. iDeals offers all the features you need packed in the convenient interface for very affordable prices.

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This is the old-school provider that can become a solid solution for many businesses. However, you might feel like it’s not agile enough for your dynamic company.

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If you are looking for a VDR solely for Mergers and Acquisition, Firmex might fit you. This provider makes due diligence way easier and faster.

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Being one of the most experienced providers, Merrill knows what businesses need. This vendor tries its best to satisfy the expectation of its customers.

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This provider focuses on Merger and Acquisition and does everything that’s possible to simplify this process for businesses. So if you need a solution only for M&A, take a look at Ansarada.

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This is a great data room for small and medium-sized businesses. V-Rooms focuses on banks and accounting firms, but this software will work for other companies, too.

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If you need a simple data room with basic features, Imprima might be your choice. This provider will help you with all the business processes that involve documents.

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This minimalistic and affordable data room is a good fit for many companies. SecureDocs lacks a couple of features, but the low price makes up for it.

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Every vendor tends to focus on certain things, even though it might not be so obvious. It’s impossible to satisfy every requirement businesses from different industries have. Therefore, even if the provider claims to offer a versatile solution, chances are it doesn’t really suit every company out there. 

So, where do you begin? First of all, obviously, you have to determine your needs. Try to understand as precisely as possible what exactly will you use this service for. Then you will be able to determine which features do you need your data room to have. Once you have a clear vision of all the functions and qualities you want to see in your VDR, you can move to the next step.

Now you have to count how much money can you spend on the service. And when you’re done with your budget, remember all the criteria listed here and consider them choosing the vendor.