Virtual Data Rooms Rating 2021

by Data Room Rating Group

Top 10 Virtual Data Room Providers

iDeals Virtual Data Rooms
ideals vdr
4.97 out of 5.0
Market Leader 2021
iDeals is the market leader of data room service providers. iDeals VDR offers all the features you need with a user-friendly interface for very affordable prices. The provider ensures a highly secure and fully controlled online space for any business transactions.
4.84 Capterra gray icon Capterra
4.85 GetApp gray icon GetApp
4.71 G2 gray icon G2
4.93 Software Advice gray icon Software Advice
Intralinks Data Room
intralinks logotype, intralinks data room, intralinks logo, intralinks dealspace, intralinks vdr
4.85 out of 5.0
Intralinks is a cloud software provider that propose several services for business. Intralinks Dealspaces is data room software that is a solid solution for long-term M&A transactions. Online software has advanced data room features and is the best option for large corporations.
4.30 Capterra gray icon Capterra
3.92 GetApp gray icon GetApp
3.64 G2 gray icon G2
- Software Advice gray icon Software Advice
Citrix Sharefile
citrix sharefile
4.72 out of 5.0
Citrix Sharefile is a digital workspace for online content collaboration and secure file sharing. This virtual data room is an easy-to-use software for short-term transactions. Sharefile is the best solution for document flow within a company.
4.60 Capterra gray icon Capterra
4.26 GetApp gray icon GetApp
3.9 G2 gray icon G2
4.63 Software Advice gray icon Software Advice
Merrill DataSite Review
merrill logo, merrill data room, merrill dataroom, merrill datasite, merrill virtual data room, merril datasite, datsite
4.66 out of 5.0
Being one of the most experienced providers, Merrill Datasite knows what businesses need. This data room vendor tries its best to satisfy the expectation of its customers. You can find the full feature set for secure online cooperation between several parties.
- Capterra gray icon Capterra
4.91 GetApp gray icon GetApp
4.89 G2 gray icon G2
- Software Advice gray icon Software Advice
Firmex Data Room
firmex logo, firmex vdr, firmex data room
4.54 out of 5.0
The Firmex VDR provider makes due diligence easier and faster. This data room software offers basic cloud solutions for small and medium businesses. It has a user-friendly interface and round-the-clock technical support around the world.
4.60 Capterra gray icon Capterra
4.65 GetApp gray icon GetApp
3.81 G2 gray icon G2
4.65 Software Advice gray icon Software Advice
Clinked Data Room
clincked, clincked virtual data room
4.41 out of 5.0
Clinked virtual data room is a modern British VDR provider founded in 2011. It is the best data room software for startups and small companies in the European market. The provider complies with European security standards for cloud services.
4.7 Capterra gray icon Capterra
4.74 GetApp gray icon GetApp
4.3 G2 gray icon G2
4.54 Software Advice gray icon Software Advice
DealRoom Software
dealroom, dealroom data room, virtual deal room, deal room
4.33 out of 5.0
DealRoom premium software was created in 2013. It provides basic and advanced functionality for all types of online transactions. DealRoom provides quality services for large corporations. This is a good solution for long term deals.
4.60 Capterra gray icon Capterra
4.57 GetApp gray icon GetApp
- G2 gray icon G2
4.57 Software Advice gray icon Software Advice
Ansarada Data Room
ansarada, ansarada data room, ansarada logo, ansarada vdr
4.19 out of 5.0
The data room provider specializes in online services for mergers and acquisitions. The data room service charges €39 per user and a monthly fee. So if you're looking for an M&A-only solution, take a look at Ansarada Data Room.
4.60 Capterra gray icon Capterra
4.62 GetApp gray icon GetApp
4.33 G2 gray icon G2
- Software Advice gray icon Software Advice
SecureDocs Data Room
4.19 out of 5.0
SecureDocs is affordable software for the secure storing of private and business data. It is file-sharing software that ensures secure data exchange online. There is a lack of features such as customizing and user activity reports, but the low price makes up for it.
4.79 Capterra gray icon Capterra
4.92 GetApp gray icon GetApp
4.81 G2 gray icon G2
4.82 Software Advice gray icon Software Advice
Onehub Virtual Data Room
onehub, onehub data room
3.97 out of 5.0
Onehub provider is a small company with 50 employees serving local customers. Its electronic data room is typically used for short-term transactions by small and medium-sized companies. It costs $20 per month per data room user.
- Capterra gray icon Capterra
4.63 GetApp gray icon GetApp
4.1 G2 gray icon G2
4.63 Software Advice gray icon Software Advice

Data Room Software Providers Overview

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Virtual Data Room Software

Virtual data room providers are professionals delivering software installation and maintenance services. In most cases, such teams become long-term partners for IT product clients. Cooperation consists of:

  • technical assistance, 
  • consultations during the deal-making, 
  • tailoring workspaces according to changing needs. 

Usually, a vdr provider guarantees data protection and unavailability of the pages to third parties. They take responsibility for hacks and similar intrusions, unlike other vendors. One more difference from other online business programs is tailoring. This feature is popular with users. Virtual workspaces do not always suit the client’s requirements. That is why a provider modifies them after discussing each aspect with a customer.

A virtual data room vendor equips with features for daily tasks and those that arise during the project implementation or deal-making. The serviceability of the tools is in check so that a client can always work at full capacity.

Best data room providers stay in touch day and night. Any company can seek help as soon as it is needed. The presence or absence of this feature can be fateful in an M&A or other complex transaction. Realizing the high probability of force majeure, some organizations consider this option one of the most critical when opting for data room software. A professional user support group processes applications in a matter of minutes. Then they propose win-win solutions to those who apply. As a rule, nobody has to pay extra for that. This proposal is included in the overall value initially.

Trend Data Room Providers that Are on Today’s Market

Best data rooms are those in high demand because of the service delivery quality and rich feature set. Their client base is growing as companies find state-of-the-art solutions for a successful business. 

Market leadership and user confidence stem from the fact that trend virtual data room software developers improve their instruments to cover all the needs. These are:

All of the above platforms are similar. They simplify the tasks of due diligence, M&As. Mobile apps empower everyone who is involved.

The most important criteria for choosing a data room software is a “crash test.” It’s the examination of data room services during the trial period. To be sure that the chosen provider will suit your company’s needs, you should test its work in every way possible. Anything from “dumb” questions to the “this feature doesn’t work properly” scenario goes.

But, before proceeding to a trial, your team must prepare and choose a provider. To make it easier for you, we have arranged a small guide on how to select the best data room and its provider among dozens of virtual data rooms.

What Ensures a Trustworthy Virtual Data Room Provider

Before an organization qualifies a particular platform as the best virtual data room, the team should analyze several aspects. Security mechanisms play a central role. As a footing for the activity, a provider must have international level information protection standards. Another point is the simplicity or complexity of the interface. By neglecting this issue, a company runs the risk of slowing down the conclusion of transactions or work in general. Helpdesk is a must-have for a data room. In such a way, a vendor takes care of the customers. Another reason to trust is a transparent price policy. There should be no pitfalls in this matter.

The Key Distinction between Data Room Providers

Learning about the background of data room service providers helps draw some conclusions about future cooperation. 

Here are a few factors to take into account:

  • Presence on the market. If a vendor is a newbie, the lack of knowledge can negatively impact any stable and prosperous organization.
  • Technical support. Another difference that can play a sick joke is the unavailability of technical support at any moment. The protection of privacy directly affects the security of storage.
  • Security. Providers choose different mechanisms to defend the digital data room.
  • Price vs. quality. It is necessary to check the availability of certain functions for a set fee. What is in one vendor’s price may be available at an additional cost turning to another one.

Best Data Rooms for M&A Due Diligence

  • iDeals
  • Intralinks
  • Merrill Datasite
  • WatchDocs
  • DealRoom

M&A Due Diligence is a crucial stage in the life of a company. It is full of a large amount of data and a high level of secrecy. To prevent unforeseen circumstances and negative consequences, companies use the data room. During the complex procedures, the parties need:

  • maximum protection of both data and messages,
  • high-tech tools that help speed up actions and work with securities,
  • the assistance of the provider team to cope with the difficulties before the deal fails.

The knowledge and skills of the developers breathed new life into the procedure course. Namely, paperwork tools help speed up transactions. No one has to rummage through heaps of papers to find something. Secure data room eliminates all the typical risks that a business exposes itself daily. Consulting services of those experts who became masters in operations like M&A Due Diligence often save cooperation.

Compare VDR Data Room Services

Virtual Data RoomRatingDeploymentBest forFree TrialPrice Category
iDeals Virtual Data Rooms4.97 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Linux, Android, Windows, iOSSmall, Medium and Large businesses30 Days FreeAll price categories, including Premium
Intralinks Data Room4.85 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Linux, Android, Windows, iOSLarge corporations30 DaysPremium Software
Citrix Sharefile4.72 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Android, WindowsSmall, Medium and Large businesses14 DaysNot provided
Merrill DataSite Review4.66 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Linux, Android, WindowsMedium and large businesses14 DaysHigh Price, Premium Software
Firmex Data Room4.54 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Linux, Windows, iOSSmall and Medium businessesNoMid-Range Price Software
Clinked Data Room4.41 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Android, iOSSmall businesses10 DaysMid-Range Price Software
DealRoom Software4.33 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Android, iOSSmall and Medium businesses14 DaysHigh Price, Premium Software
Ansarada Data Room4.19 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Windows, iOSSmall businessesNegotiableNot provided
SecureDocs Data Room4.19 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Linux, Android, Windows, iOSSmall and Medium businesses7 DaysAll price categories
Onehub Virtual Data Room3.97 out of 5.0SaaS, Cloud, Linux, Android, WindowsSmall-size businesses14 DaysLow & Mid-Range Software, Discount pricing
Digify Data Room3.80 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Linux, WindowsSmall-size businesses7 DaysLow, Mid, High-Range Price Software
WatchDox (BlackBerry Workspaces)3.68 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, Linux, WindowsSmall, Medium and Large businesses7 DaysAll price categories
Box Cloud Software3.56 out of 5.0Web, CloudSmall and Medium businesses3 DaysLow & Mid-Range Software
ShareVault Data Room3.35 out of 5.0Web, Cloud, Android, iOSSmall businesses7 DaysLow & Mid-Range Software, Discount pricing
Drooms Virtual Data Room3.26 out of 5.0Web, CloudSmall businessesNegotiableLow-Price Software
ForData Online Data Room3.25 out of 5.0Web, CloudSmall and Medium businesses14 DaysLow & Mid-Range Software
CapLinked Virtual Data Room3.23 out of 5.0Web, Cloud, Linux, WindowsSmall and Medium businesses7 DaysLow, Mid, High-Range Price Software
DocSend Data Room3.23 out of 5.0Web, Cloud, WindowsSmall businesses7 DaysAll price categories
Vault (V-Rooms) Software3.19 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, CloudSmall businesses14 DaysNot provided
EthosData Virtual Data Room3.11 out of 5.0Web, Cloud, WindowsSmall and Medium businesses30 DaysLow & Mid-Range Software
Sterling Virtual Data Room0 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, Cloud, AndroidSmall and Medium UK businessesNoAll price categories
Imprima Virtual Data Room0 out of 5.0Web, Cloud, WindowsSmall businessesNoNot provided
Brainloop Virtual Data Room0 out of 5.0Web, CloudSmall and Medium businesses7 DaysNot provided
Donnelley Venue Data Room0 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, CloudSmall and Medium businesses10 DaysAll price categories
SmartRoom VDR0 out of 5.0Web, Cloud, Android, iOSSmall businessesNoNot provided by the vendor
idgard Virtual Data Room0 out of 5.0Web, CloudSmall businesses; European market14 DaysMid-Range Price Software; Euro Payments
Opensource Cloud Management0 out of 5.0SaaS, Web, CloudSmall businessesNoNot provided by the vendor
HighQ Electronic Data Room0 out of 5.0Web, CloudSmall businessesNoNot provided by the vendor
idrShare Virtual Data Room0 out of 5.0Web, Cloud, Linux, WindowsSmall businessesNegotiableNot provided by the vendor
Docurex Online Data Room0 out of 5.0Linux, WindowsSmall businesses; European market10 DaysMid-Range Price Software; Euro Payments
Multipartner VDR0 out of 5.0Web, Cloud, Linux, WindowsSmall businessesNoNot provided by the vendor

Look for a Suitable Online Data Room

To do this, every potential user should check the virtual data room reviews. The more time you devote to this, the more confident the client will be in his choice. The independent opinion will help to understand the specifics of the work and disadvantages of a vendor. However, everyone should know and remember the purpose of purchasing the product. The list of team needs narrows down the virtual data room solutions by discarding unsuitable ones. For example, big corporations favor large repositories and the ability to invite many participants to the platform. Start-up organizations can postpone such options by choosing what satisfies their needs for the near future.

Potential users of data rooms have a wide variety of products on the market. The list of characteristics that distinguish them is long, although the purpose is the same. For example, one platform may be more expensive, and the other is easier to manage. The client company bases its choice on needs and targets. For some, the main criterion is cost. In such a case, there is a risk of purchasing something that is not advantageous because directors do not consider other qualities. It is essential to assess the effectiveness of spending. However, a low price does not always mean inferiority. Virtual data room vendors can generally adapt to any budget and requirement. The trial period shows if a product is likely to satisfy a customer.

Deciding which vdr to choose can sometimes take a long time. Still, a rational approach to this issue increases the likelihood of getting what each organization needs in particular. To compare virtual data rooms, customers analyze the following points. They help to assess the advantages, weaknesses, the level of protection of the user, and data.

How to use a Virtual Data Room
How to use a Virtual Data Room

Online Data Room Providers that Have Years of Experience

In other words, these are vendors that have been on the market for a long time. They have already proven themselves as integral to hundreds of concluded mergers and acquisitions deals. Since this procedure is complicated and time-consuming, traditional platforms are rich in features and capabilities. These electronic data room providers have built-in tools to make sure privacy is protected. The successful deal-making is impossible without them. Developers took this fact into account when developing. One space for lots of files, smooth and simplified M&A process, and other factors have made these offers expensive. The formation of value for each organization can be influenced by:

  • the number of pages a company needs for a deal or project,
  • the number of people authorized on the platform who will utilize virtual workspaces,
  • the need to expand data storage.

By purchasing a secure vdr, a client trusts the quality, but at the same time, must be ready for additional costs in the future. Managing multiple tools is sometimes difficult for customers. Perhaps the reason is not only a large number but also complexity. Nowadays, IT innovators are trying to create tools that even those incompetent in technology can handle.

New Generation Virtual Data Room Service Providers

The last decade has been a period of many virtual data room services entering the market. It is because the popularity is growing. The recently developed deal room software is effortless data and user management. It takes even fewer than a couple of hours from the moment of purchase to installation on corporate devices. For the formation of the pricing, other grounds are the base. Prices are still different, but by and large, they are lower than traditional virtual deal room providers. The priority was to design a shield tool against hackers, competitors, and malicious software. And the principal benefit for offices today is a manageable interface. No matter how many functions there, people with different skills can easily manage virtual workspaces.

There is more to say, getting closer to the issue of security. Organizations not only store data in one place, but they also share it. Otherwise, the deal-making would be impossible remotely. Modern vdr is the guarantor of the protection of files no matter where they are. The same goes for encryption using the most complex algorithms. Authentication is not possible by entering a username and password. To do this, each visitor has to pass authorization in two or more stages. That implies a randomly generated combination of numbers or letters that the user receives on a mobile phone, mail, etc. Administrators are managers of the electronic system. Without the permission of these persons, others cannot view or perform other operations with documents. Leakages caused by persons inside the organization are unlikely. One of the means to prevent this is watermarking. It is a deterrent for unscrupulous colleagues and intruders. With the applying of such marks, it is easy to track a document. The power of a fresh vdr data room lies in sensible approaches to price, the comfort of workspaces, and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Virtual Data Room (VDR)?

Virtual data room (VDR) or Deal Room is electronic storage that differs from other programs in additional functions and grades of safety. The platform overshadowed traditional storage. It took a little time because a vdr offered businesses previously unknown tools. Administrators have a lot of tools to manage access. Users receive permissions to work with certain data and for specific actions. In any case, managers can restrict access for each guest or authorized person. Up to this point, no programs have managed to break the integrity of this tool.

What Does a Deal Room Software Stand for?

It is an innovative way to make each transaction flow smooth and fast. The exchange of confidential information is not subjected to risks or threats. Managers keep track of document activity in virtual spaces, which has a beneficial influence on operations. That helps to track the interests of investors or spot threats in time. Virtual deal rooms are simple to operate so as not to slow down the conclusion of contracts.

Why Use Virtual Data Rooms?

It is a common way of protection from the evil intentions of opponents and hackers without limitations. The device directors use and time zone does not affect the capacity of the virtual dataroom operation. The participants in the transactions work at one platform equipped with technological capabilities. Availability and safety are the key points that lure more customers. They also utilize secure data room services to engage investors.

Is Dropbox a Data Room?

Dropbox is different from the electronic data room. It is cloud storage that consists of spaces for work. Although there are a few instruments for offices here, a virtual deal room turns out to be a more frequent choice to conclude transactions in a guarded and stable environment. Dropbox cannot usually offer enough access or permission options. This product is considered similar to a hard drive but with a specific feature set.

What Are Virtual Data Rooms Used for?

Representatives of multiple fields of activity find enough benefits in using business data room services. The product versatility allows customers to apply the tool in many aspects. The virtual data room for online deals is a leader in protection. It is also a professional way to manage documentation and personnel. Administrators track transactions, the interests of investors and buyers using special functions. The conclusion of transactions was made possible without live meetings.  

How to Find the Suitable VDR Provider?

It is necessary to identify those options without which the organization-customer cannot improve their business and development. With this issue resolved, they may start looking for suitable vendors. Until the company identifies the needs, no virtual data room review can help to come to the perfect decision. Providers usually advise clients and are generally open to customization virtual working spaces to suit everyone’s requirements.