What is DealRoom?

DealRoom has created its virtual data room tool around the idea of dealmaking. Founded in a small Chicago office in 2012, it soon became one of the world’s largest virtual data room providers. DealRoom solutions are known worldwide for their ability to support even the most strenuous M&A processes.

DealRoom features

As a solution created for businesses where every transaction matters, they also have some unique tools that might help support all of your company operations:

  • Workflow management: reports, multi-deal timeline, and pipeline management
  • Due Diligence: managing due diligence is easier thanks to the DealRoom data room provider because of customizable ready-to-use templates, detailed reports, and usage analytics
  • Integration: tracking workflow with tools designed to follow the activities, identification of possible synergies, parallel planning of the deal, enabling the use of tools like GSuite or Slack inside of the DealRoom
  • Divestiture: tracking the events inside of the DealRoom software, secure storage of important company files, and communication tools that enhance the security of the online file repository
  • Drag-and-drop: the ability to upload documents easily by “grabbing” them with a mouse
  • Full-text search: searching for and locating documents is quick and easy as the virtual data room even recognizes symbols in scanned documents
  • Access to a variety of templates: the life of dealmakers is much simpler when they have access to resources that help guide them through a deal
  • Four levels of permission: this allows for setting clear boundaries for information in the virtual data room to authorized personnel only

DealRoom pricing

Each virtual data room provider sets pricing based on various factors. The DealRoom data room cost structure is divided into three plans:

  • Single Room ($1000 per month billed annually): single project, unlimited users, and 5GB of storage 
  • Professional (call for a personalized quote): unlimited projects, unlimited users, and pipeline management plus 20GB of storage
  • Enterprise (call for a personalized quote): fully customizable offer for the most specific needs, unlimited projects and users, and storage capacity of more than 50GB

DealRoom free trial

Unfortunately, the website does not mention a free trial. However, you can book a free demo with the team that will lead you through the virtual data room’s available tools. Company representatives will explain the details for each plan for you to choose the best-suited option for your company. Their personalized attention will also give you a sense of how they interact with clients. 

DealRoom support and implementation

DealRoom is cloud-based software, which allows their company representatives to resolve issues remotely. Through their constant support and willingness to set up your virtual data room, you can optimize your deals and feel more at ease about your document security. The DealRoom VDR support can be reached via phone, e-mail, or their built-in chat feature.