What is Vitrium?

Vitrium solutions launched in 2005 in Vancouver, Canada, and since then, the provider has been offering affordable and easy-to-use software. Vitrium serves both the client and end-user and ensures their experience is hassle-free and smooth.

Vitrium virtual data room is a cloud-based solution for document management and digital rights management (DRM). Vitrium VDR provides all-sized businesses with a secure platform to store and share confidential files. It doesn’t require any additional plugins or apps, so users can easily work with documents online and offline. 

Vitrium features

Vitrium virtual data room offers a variety of features businesses can use for their content and digital asset management. These include:

  • Security features. Vitrium protects content using 256-bit AES encryption — one of the highest levels of security. However, the data is still easily accessible by authorized users.
  • Content management features. Admins can easily add and delete users and integrate the Vitrium software with any third-party user authorization or credential system. Also, admins can control the level of user access through DRM policies, including passwords, browser limits, expiration dates, etc.
  • Tracking and analytics. Analytics provides incredible insight into how users are consuming the content. Admins can access real-time analytical reports and track user activity, such as which files were opened and when, and the user’s IP address. These features also allow management to view error messages, browsers, or applications being used and analyze user behavior.
  • Support. Vitrium VDR works closely with the team to identify how the data room can help meet content security requirements. Additionally, clients can contact online support with any questions or issues during business hours.
  • Easy setup and deployment. Vitrium software is easy to set up. You can consult with Vitrium’s team to help map out workflows. The provider’s team will help identify how the data room solution best fits the workflow — they can also provide suggestions.
  • Customizable workflows. Vitrium serves as a highly customizable DRM solution for businesses in various industries. Users can customize their client portal for efficiency.

Vitrium pricing 

Vitrium data room cost varies — there are two pricing options available: professional and enterprise editions. Vitrium pricing starts at $500/month. Users can also opt for the software’s added features for about $800/month. The company’s official website does not disclose pricing details — contact a company’s sales representative to discuss pricing options to get a personalized quote. 

The Professional Edition subscription includes the following features:

  • Content protection
  • Administering user permissions
  • Print, copy, and expiration controls
  • Ability to set browser, device, and open limits
  • Dynamic or text watermarks
  • User-activity tracking and analytics review
  • Distribution via email, website, or client portal

The Enterprise Edition subscription provides access to:

  • All professional features
  • Automated workflows with APIs
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • 3rd-party systems integration
  • Advanced DRM controls
  • Staff roles management
  • Ability to choose between cloud-hosted or self-hosted

Vitrium free trial

The Vitrium software provider offers a free trial — request one at the company website or reach out to one of Vitrium’s sales representatives. They will help you find the right solution to fit your content needs and choose a suitable subscription plan.

Vitrium support and implementation

The Vitrium software is compatible with different operating systems, including Windows and macOS. Vitrium also provides a unique approach to technical support. There are various support packages available in different versions of the software, including basic and elite packages. Vitrium’s Basic Support Package is in all versions of Vitrium Security and guarantees email support with a 1-2 business days response time. 

Elite Support Package has all the elements of the basic one together with phone support and same-day response. Vitrium’s support team works closely with Quality Assurance and Professional Services teams, so any issue that arises will be fixed as soon as possible.

There is also an extensive knowledge base with many educational resources available on Vitrium’s website, including video tutorials, webinars, and ebooks.