Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements

Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) is an attestation standard that dictates requirements and provides guidance for auditors. SSAE specifies requirements for product or process control in service organizations. That is, it is not a certificate, but a standard. If a company wants to follow it, it is necessary to identify all contractor organizations. These are those organizations that are used to provide services. You will also need a description of the controls of the contractor organizations. SSAE requires the auditor to submit the results of the assessment. These results show the main risks that the company is exposed to when providing services. The purpose of risk assessment is to gain confidence in the organization’s subject to regular review and to minimize risks in the future. In simple terms, this standard is designed to regulate the activities of companies and verify compliance.

SSAE for Virtual Data Room Providers

For a virtual data room provider, SSAE is a significant advantage. Customers will choose you, relying on compliance with standards and, as a result, high-quality services. Another benefit is improving the execution within your company. Every client is looking for reliable support in your services, and having a standards statement adds credibility to your team.

Companies from different industries with a lot of valuable data will rely on certified deal room providers. That is obvious. Such companies cannot risk safety, as their future activities depend on it.

The high results of the check state that the organization meets the requirements of the international business community. It pays great attention to the quality of services provided information technology.

The SSAE symbol on the provider’s website is a sign of quality work. That is proof that the provider owns US-standard SOC reports. This kind of compliance will make customers trust such a provider, feeling as secure and safe as possible.