Spreadsheet Viewer

Secure Spreadsheet Viewer is a way to use a spreadsheet safely and conveniently in the virtual data room. Spreadsheet management here is just like on Excel. You can also switch tabs, resize columns, delete and create cells, etc. In the use of a virtual data room, it is often necessary to view or edit spreadsheets, because that is a tool for recording a large amount of information. Here the data is always organized and not that complicated to understand.

Difference Between Spreadsheets in Excel and Virtual Data Room?

The developers, realizing the value of content for companies, took care of creating a reliable and high-quality tool. The viewing, editing, sharing is now safe and secure. Watermarks and encryption provide an additional layer of protection. If you intend to share a file of this format with colleagues, they can view or edit the document if they have a password. Also, the administrator sets the access level. The recipient or other users cannot do more than viewing, editing, or distributing the document. Virtual data room providers offer this service free of charge. To find out more about the terms of use and properties, you can contact the provider you chose and discuss this matter. Let’s list, point by point, what you get:

  • data security
  • full control over access to spreadsheets
  • possibility of simultaneous work on data
  • well-ordered information
  • users see or edit what they are allowed according to the settings only
  • you can change the settings for use whenever required and an infinite number of times

Some providers support files larger than 5 megabytes. You will be aware of changes to spreadsheets. These can be messages both after each update, and a report on changes for the day. For handy viewing of the spreadsheet, now you do not get a downloaded document in PDF, but a convenient Excel format with watermarks and encryption.