Screenshot Protection

Screenshot protection is a way to protect data by restricting screen capture. In the virtual data room of each company, there are more or fewer securities. The value of data may cost an arm and a leg. For that reason, it is critical to prevent this type of danger to avoid data leakage. This function works in such a way that by holding down the keys for taking a photo, the user cannot get an image. If there is a specific program installed on the device, then the document cannot be viewed until such a program is deactivated. Otherwise, a window will appear on the screen with a notification about the need to turn off the software. After that, you open the file again and browse in safe mode.

How does it Work in the Online Data Room?

Each virtual data room user is encouraged to utilize this feature so that they can prevent unauthorized access. Unfortunately, not every virtual data room provider offers this option. Therefore, read the characteristics of the data room thoroughly or ask this question to the provider itself. Some of the developers will also protect you by the so-called black square. More precisely, even if the locking system is disabled, your data is still under protection. As soon as the user tries to take a screenshot, they see a black screen instead, which is unlikely to be beneficial to an attacker. Some VDR providers even protect data from conferencing software.

The more security measures you take, the less you run the risk of incurring losses. Each function in the virtual data room description makes a difference. You, as a potential user, must examine all of them. Screenshot protection is an additional option that can save not only a specific document but your whole company at some point. Virus programs and cybercriminals consider screen capture to be one of the ways to steal data. That is, you will be the one who took away another method to harm your business.