Restriction for Viewing

Restriction for viewing is a function that allows you to restrict user access to a document or prohibit particular actions. So you protect your virtual room from unwanted visitors and possible negative consequences. There are several types of restrictions.

Restriction for Viewing in Virtual Data Room

  • Prohibitions on viewing the file. That means this document does not exist for some of your colleagues or partners, since they cannot see it in any way.
  • Inability to make changes to the file. All a recipient or user can do is view the content. That is where you monitor changes. Nothing is going on behind your back.
  • Prohibitions on file download. In this case, colleagues do not have the opportunity to save it anywhere and anyhow. It is available for viewing or modification only within the boundaries of the virtual data room.

Millions of companies that value data and reputation apply this feature. Besides, there are known cases of data leakage or corruption within the organization. That is, someone from the staff used the company’s data for personal gain. Restriction for viewing helps executives and administrators protect themselves from dangerous incidents and avoid risks.

Unfortunately, not all VDR providers are ready to provide the client with a beneficial tool. If you can’t make the right choice of a virtual data room, pay attention to the characteristics. If you find “Restriction for viewing” function among them, then you should give preference to that kind of provider. By maximizing the protection of your data, you are more and more having your foot on competitors and attackers’ neck. The owners of any business should always be on the alert. Trust but verify, as they say. “Restriction for viewing” tools are ready to support you for your safety and smooth operation.