Remote Wipe and Shred

Remote Wipe and Shred is a tool to remove data from a lost or stolen device. The administrator can manage the data just using their computers, tablets, etc. The main advantage is that information will not end up in intruders’ hands. Why else would you need a remote wipe and shred? When you don’t own a device anymore and want to clean it but do not have physical access. The third-party users will not be able to use your data.

As soon as you find out about the theft or loss of the data carrier, you have the opportunity to delete all the content or individual folders. Also, reset to factory settings. In this case, the device turns into a useless product.

What is necessary to clear data? Turned on and the internet-connected device. This way a signal from the software to delete all or part of the data is received. The data cleansing process is running.

How to Use it in Online Data Rooms?

As you might imagine, this feature is especially crucial for virtual data room users. Data theft is common in the business world. With such a tool, you have a weapon against intruders. To ensure maximum security, all enterprise data must be removable. That also applies to the personal devices of your colleagues. The remote wipe and shred tool must also have access to personal computers, telephones, and other things. If a company has a policy of bringing their device, each employee should be warned of the potential deletion of personal data. No one can predict the “behavior” of the cleaning software. Some companies choose to opt-out of this information policy.

You, as a user of virtual data rooms, have an ace up your sleeve in the form of a remote wipe tool. The risk of misuse of your data is reduced considerably. The ability to manage data remotely provides an additional chance to remedy an extremely critical situation when the entire company is at risk.