Logging and Reporting

Logging and Reporting of Users Activity is the ability to control the actions of absolutely everyone related to the virtual data room. What could be better for productive and quality work in any team and business in general? If you have the opportunity to track the actions of your colleagues, partners, or investors, then you always keep your finger on the pulse of all events. A good leader notices flaws or fatal mistakes in time. If that kind of manager has a tool for closer monitoring, then the affairs will get better and better.

What Information do User Activity Logging and Reporting Provide?

So, what information does the “Logging and Reporting of Users Activity” feature provide? Everything that is between the users and your data room is visible to you. Uploading new files, deleting existing ones, making changes, modified access settings. Undoubtedly, you know for sure who carried out any particular operation. The implementation of geocoding made it possible to track the location of each team member, wherever they are. You can choose in the settings what exactly you would like to see in the activity report. That can be either the entire virtual data room or the specific content stored in it. You can also set the frequency with which you will receive such reports.

This feature is especially helpful when looking for investors. Thus, the VDR administrator can study the behavioral factors of the invited VDR users. Also, such reports can help in determining the level of interest of potential investors. Managers who know a lot about running their team and understand the value of the database appreciate this tool and immediately notice its effectiveness. Logging and Reporting of Users Activity gives a chance for timely correction of errors, identification of the most visited data, and facilitates the search for investors. In the case of force majeure, you have to act without slowdown. You need to know what happened, where exactly, when, and who did it. This information will always be at your fingertips to quickly find a solution and fix everything up.