ISO IEC 27001

ISO / IEC 27001 is a recognized security standard. It regulates information security. In the course of its activities, the organization must solve many strategic issues, including the management of information security. Based on the needs and goals set by your company, you create a unique security system and implement it. This system keeps your confidentiality intact, while all the necessary information is available to a specific circle of people.

ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 can be the guarantor of safety in any company. Regardless of the field of activity, kind of property, size, type of service. Those who choose to follow this standard receive guidance on how to ensure security within the company. Leading experts in the IT sector wrote the set of rules. By receiving this certificate of conformity, you have proof that you are operating following international information security regulations.

Why do VDR Providers Need an ISO Certificate?

If you are the owner of a virtual data room, then the issue of its protection and security is fundamental to you. That is the only way to ensure productive work and prevent risks. With ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certification, your company will receive:

  • information assurance that meets the most stringent demands and international standards;
  • the trust of colleagues and partners in risk management;
  • the ability to exchange data of different levels of confidentiality without risks;
  • protection of directors, employees of the company, data, and capital.

One of the stages of implementation is the training of personnel in the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard. First of all, it is necessary for employees involved in the functioning of the information security system, as well as for the employees of those departments that support vital business processes.

Virtual data rooms are acquired by companies that own a large amount of information. These are companies that choose a modern storage solution. Apart from convenience, they also put a lot of emphasis on safety. If your company follows the safety principles created by a team of highly qualified experts, you deserve the trust of partners, investors, customers. Implementation of the basic principles of ISO / IEC 27001 will not entail significant costs, since implies improving the company’s internal processes without attracting additional funds: special kind of software, etc. The standard describes how the elements of an organization can be linked together and combined under a single “protective layer”.