Information Rights Management

Information Rights Management is a digital security tool to protect sensitive data from unauthorized users. This kind of management is not troublesome when there is one or a couple of users. All the information is in the cloud domain. However, if the system has a lot of users, then there is a problem of protecting data from unauthorized access. It is related to the secrecy of data that is highly confidential sometimes. Protection, both from accidental and deliberate damages, is crucial too. That is why an administrator makes a list of users, and each user gets the right to access particular data and features. First of all, data access control includes managing the list of users and their access rights to data and operations.

How does it Work in Virtual Data Room?

Typically, virtual data rooms have a minimum of several dozen users. All of them have particular responsibilities and tasks, which must correspond to the amount of data provided. That is what if a person is an ordinary employee of your organization and is not a member of the manager ranks, does he need access to confidential data and securities? Perhaps, if the Access Management function did not exist, then there would be even more cases of data leaks and hacker attacks. The administrator estimates the volume of work and tasks for each group of workers. Based on these aspects, executives decide on the access level. Furthermore, with a limited amount of information, your colleagues are focused on the work entrusted to them to the maximum extent possible.

You can prohibit downloading or uploading a document, the ability to edit, exchange data, set a time interval for a specific user. After the time has expired, they will not be able to open the document again. All these things organize the work of any team, controlling the duty performance of each of the employees. Data is less vulnerable if access builds on the position of colleagues.