IP Address

IP address is a unique set of numbers on a computer network that identifies devices on the Internet. The principle of action is to prevent unauthorized persons from logging into the system and protect against hacker attacks.

Companies limit the number of people who can connect using this set of numbers. Colleagues and partners get access only through those IP addresses that were set by the administrator. This service can block employees from logging into an account outside the office, authorize access only to the network (s) you trust, or block attempts to access your computer from an untrusted network or public wireless network. As soon as the user sends a request to visit the page, their address is automatically checked against the list (where the IPs approved for login are indicated). If there is a problem, access is not given by no means.

Access to the Online Data Room by IP Address

When choosing a data room, you need to pay particular attention to the characteristic regarding the IP address. The administrator needs and has to control the access of others to the database. Otherwise, there is a risk of data leakage or corruption.

Some data rooms include the ability to track addresses. This way you will know who, where, and when used your company’s data. This feature serves as another precautionary measure among many others that providers offer.

This kind of restriction not only provides additional security but also provides convenience for your colleagues, consequently, the productivity of the team increases. The database can be entered both through corporate devices and through private ones. Benefits for virtual data rooms:

  • Prevention of unauthorized login. If the IP address is not on the list approved by the administrator, the access request is immediately denied.
  • Block access to sites that can distract your employees from work. It increases the productivity of some employees or even teams. Lots of companies use this feature.

Implementing IP address restrictions not only protects your team from unauthorized access but also improves overall performance to some extent. By choosing a set of restrictions for each of the employees, denying access for unauthorized persons, you guarantee the safe operation of your entire company.