G2 Crowd Review

G2 Crowd is a platform on which every businessman can find the kind of instrument that helps to develop and raise the company. G2’s audience reaches about 3 million people. It means that you have the opportunity to read the most truthful and reliable reviews and recommendations. At the moment, the number of software, platforms, applications is reaching its zenith. It is rather difficult to imagine not only working days but also everyday communication or even shopping without modern technology. That is why each of us is interested in a quality product. But among the hundreds of options to choose from, you can get lost, because each developer claims to be the best one. What threatens the wrong choice? Material losses, harm to reputation, running out of customers. Worst of all, all of your previous efforts may become useless at one point. Then you have to rehabilitate your image, whatever it takes. How much does it cost to choose unreliable or unsuitable software? It can cost you everything.

Why do we Include G2 Scores in Our Data Room Ranking?

For those looking for a virtual data room right now, the G2 will be a good helper. Read reviews and compare the tools you like. We remind you once again that all information is transparent. No provider can raise ratings through bribery. After selecting the category “virtual data rooms”, you can sort them according to the following criteria:

  • in alphabetical order
  • by popularity
  • for user satisfaction
  • on the G2 grading scale

The patented G2 Grid tool collects and analyzes all reviews and ratings collected both on the platform itself and in other networks. Thus, you have access to information in the form of a convenient grid, where you can compare and choose the best product, referring to the experience of colleagues.

From the menu on the left, select the business segment you belong to – “All segments” or “Small business”. Below is a list of languages. Having chosen the right ones, you can filter out the data rooms that are not suitable for you.

By clicking on the name of a particular platform, you can see a brief description of the virtual data room, a link to the official website, supported languages, user reviews, and the number of stars they have posted. Everyone who submits a review describes the following points:

  • what you like the most
  • what you do not like
  • recommendations for potential users
  • what kind of issues this tool helps you to solve

If you still haven’t picked the data room that is ideal for you, you finally have a tool for making the right decision.