Fence View

Fence View is a limited view of the document. The name of this function contains the word “fence” for the simple reason that the user cannot view the entire file, but just one part of it. The center is readable and not encrypted, everything else we can see as barred text. It is impossible to read it even for the most seasoned businessman or hacker. Authorized users with permission to use the data may read the document by moving the window during the reading. This method of protection belongs to some of the main ones that developers implement in the platform. That is not enough to have a repository for all your company’s data. It is equally critical to be confident in the security and have a variety of weapons to fight against attackers and competitors.

Why do I need a Fence View in the Virtual Data Room?

Virtual Data Room Providers choose various protection measures to attract customers. These measures are data encryption, limited access, watermarks, and more. Before signing a cooperation agreement, make sure you have this type of thing. You won’t be able to focus on the actual work process until you gain assurance in the safety of your organization.

Whichever way of reading information intruders use, Fence View is never on the point of surrender. Even malicious attacks using a webcam or screenshot are powerless here. If a person is not involved in your company’s virtual data room, they have no chance of viewing the barred document.

As you can see, a fence is not only a way to protect tangible property, but digital data as well. No barred document can provide enough information to a third party. Besides, as we said, even a camera or screenshots are invalid. That is, the virtual data is protected both from unauthorized persons and from possible unscrupulous employees of your company. Whether fortunately or not, business owners must be careful and consider all aspects of security. There are many threats outside the company and sometimes inside.

By enabling restricted viewing mode, you protect sensitive data. Only those you have granted access to can work without restrictions.