Dynamic Watermarking

Dynamic watermarking is a text or a logo that is superimposed on the document. It does not hinder readability since the sign is almost transparent. Dynamic watermarking consists of the current date or the owner’s personal details. For instance, email, phone number, name.

Watermarks indicate that the document belongs to one or another organization. Even if the attacker was unable to download the file, but took a screenshot, they cannot get rid of the watermark.

How is it Used in the Data Room Software?

Data exchange has reached a new level in the modern world of business. A few decades ago companies couldn’t exchange confidential documents because that was quite dangerous. Information technology is constantly progressing, so some types of inconveniences are gradually disappearing.

Dynamic watermarking is a reliable and beneficial tool for those who need to protect themselves. Nowadays entrepreneurs have to stay alert round the clock. Competitors or hackers look for ways to harm or steal data. That’s why we have to look for something that could protect us.

If the document is sent to another country, the language of the text will be changed automatically. The main goal of a dynamic watermark is to provide an additional layer of security. In comparison, a static watermark cannot provide this level of protection.

This function can be equally applied to video. That is displayed right there. For virtual data room users, this tag is necessary. Companies exchange plenty of documents, so there should be no doubt about their security. As soon as the recipient opens your document, dynamic watermarking reminds them of the document’s origin and confidentiality. This sign should be clearly visible, but it can’t prevent the recipient from reading each line of the document.

There is no program or app that can remove the watermark. That is, if the recipient wants to save the PDF document without your text or logo, they are bound to failure. Your copyrights are reserved.

Dealing with extremely important documents that are digitized and stored in virtual data rooms, you should protect yourself in this way.

Nobody can forge documents belonging to you and your company. A short text on an important paper can help you to save a good reputation and avoid losses.