Document Permissions

Document Permissions are grants that are set and configured by those who run a team to restrict the use of data for personal gain. Let’s say you create and send a document to a colleague or business partner. There are no assurances that the content will be the same after some time for anyone’s benefit? Your data can be assigned, or contract terms can be changed, for instance. In the future, you end up being in trouble that will harm you personally and your company. Therefore, numerous users of software and repositories wonder how to protect a document after somebody has already received that.

What are the Permissions for Documents in the Virtual Data Room?

Virtual data room providers offer a reliable and user-friendly feature to keep yourself safe from competitors, detractors, or hackers. Before exchanging data, you can set up all those parameters that could regulate the usage of the data. The recipient cannot violate these permissions even if they are information technology professionals. If you are sending an attachment to several recipients, and you want to give everyone a particular access level, that is possible as well. In the options, you specify the recipient’s name and decide what exactly they can do with this document – view, change, forward, or something else.

Thanks to this function, the virtual data room user can monitor the security of the documentation at all stages of its actuality. And unfortunately, in addition to viral software and cyber attacks, every enterprise also has competitors who are waiting for the right moment to attack.

Sharing data is a crucial part of how companies work in all industries. You are free to trust your partners and colleagues. However, by using data protection features, including Document Permissions, your trust isn’t just about relationships. You know for sure that it is you who manage the capabilities of your team and the security of your data.