Document Expiration

Document expiration is a setting that lets you configure the expiry date. You can choose multiple options to protect your document before sharing any file in the data room. Particularly, watermarks on each page of a document, or a restriction on downloading or editing. That kind of setting also includes the expiration date. For example, engineering organizations have to provide data to teams quite often. In this case, you can configure this setting, and access to your data is available within a certain amount of time. There is no specific time slot, set the parameters yourself depending on the task your colleague is going to perform. Thus, the virtual data room owners insure themselves against malicious acts of third parties. They are data leaks, damage, or disclosure of certain documents that occur from time to time. Your company’s partners can use everything they need for work, but with certain restrictions. Time limitation is among them. Besides, every step and action of a visitor to your virtual data room cannot escape your attention. You receive a detailed report with the specified operations that your colleagues carried out.

What is the Document Expiration Tool for?

Sometimes it happens that a third party tries to enter the database and use the document without your permission or agreement. That will not happen if you set an expiration for this user. The recipient or your colleague can see the period during which the file is available to them. If this period expires, you should contact the owner with a request for an extension. The availability of such a setting defines the actions of authorized users and makes things impossible for malicious outsiders and their wrongdoings. That is, document expiration settings are especially valuable for those who keep highly confidential information. You know for sure that the safety of securities depends on you or other competent people in your company.