Customer-Managed Encryption Keys

Customer-Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK) are all about providing control over the keys that encrypt your data. They are “customer-managed” to minimize the risks associated with data by implementing another layer of protection – from the user’s side. That is, key management becomes bilateral. You and your provider are involved. There is a dedicated server for generating and storing such keys. Here they are archived and deleted.

This type of additional protection layer makes you feel free of concerns about storage. You get full control over your data. In case of suspension of access, absolutely no one can use a single document in your repository. You don’t need IT training or skill improvement to manage your keys. It’s not rocket science.

How Does it Work in Online Data Rooms?

Data protection is a big responsibility for the provider and a challenge for your team. The implemented Customer-Managed Encryption Keys turns into a security method that helps to comply with all requirements and standards. Some companies work with highly sensitive data. Now we are talking about those who own information about their customers, for example, legal or consulting organizations. They cannot afford to be negligent as their reputation depends on it. Using your keys restrict access to data. Only authorized persons are allowed access. Thus, your team and clients are immune to third party interference. If you are already a user of virtual data rooms, then you are aware of the security standards that must be complied with unconditionally. Organizations that dictate data protection laws recommend implementing as many measures as possible to avoid data leakage or corruption. Inaccessibility of data to third parties due to Customer-Managed Encryption Keys is one of the recommendations. In short, providing access only to a specific group of people and managing it yourself are two benefits that you absolutely must take advantage of if you care about data security and integrity.