What is Vault Rooms?

Vault Rooms is an American software provider founded in 2006. Vault Rooms’ main solution is their virtual data room, V-Rooms.

V-Rooms features

The Vault virtual data room includes features that allow admins to collect, organize, share and monitor documents. They include:

  • drag-and drop upload and batch upload – these features allow admins to easily add documents to the data room
  • folder structure and templates – these tools help admins organize documents, and allows users to easily navigate the data room
  • data room branding – this allows the admin to customize the data room with the company’s logo and colors
  • document watermarking – this helps admins discourage users from sharing confidential documents
  • granular user permissions – these tools allow admins to decide how each user can interact with each document
  • blind access – this feature allows admins to prevent multiple users from knowing others are accessing the same data room
  • document search – this makes it easier for all users to find information inside documents
  • user activity tracking and analytics – these allow the admin to know who is reading, downloading, and printing which document, and at what times

How much does a Vault data room cost?

V-Rooms offers three pricing plans: Lite, Pro and Custom. All plans are monthly, and pricing is based on the number of admins, users, and storage space, as well as on what features the plan includes. Here are the three Vault Rooms pricing plans:

  • Lite: this plan costs US$197 per month. It includes one data room, two admins, 15 users, 5GB of storage space and several document management and security features
  • Pro: this plan costs US$ 397 per month. It includes one data room, unlimited admins and users, 10GB of storage space, all the features in the Lite plan and other besides
  • Custom: in this plan, pricing is also monthly, but it depends on the number of features included. The client can customize the number of rooms, admins and users, as well as the storage space and the features included

Clients using the Lite and Pro plans can purchase additional features, rooms and storage space after signing up. On all three plans, the client gets a 15% discount on annual subscriptions.

Does V-Rooms offer a free trial?

V-Rooms offers a 14-day free trial of both the Lite and Pro plans. The free trials include all plan features. Prospects can also book a live demo through the Vault Rooms website.

V-Rooms support and deployment

V-Rooms is a web-based platform that works on desktop computers running Mac or Windows operating systems. V-Rooms software does not support mobiles or tablets.

Vault Rooms offers email and phone support to its Lite clients during US business hours, email support to its Custom clients (also only during US business hours), and 24/7 email and phone support to its Pro clients.