V-Rooms Data Room

This vendor provides a convenient platform for investment banks, accounting, and private equity firms to ease file-sharing and data maintenance. V-Rooms simplifies the project management offering a rather customizable and packed with useful features virtual data room. Here you will find some unique functions that you never thought can be useful.

V-Rooms data room review

With this vendor, you can always be sure all your documents are in order, and partners are updated and deeply involved in the deal. In the V-Rooms data room, you will have standard drag and drop and batch uploads. You can upload any formats, which is great. However, customers complain that it’s impossible to open several documents in multiple windows to compare is the user is not allowed to download files.

Also, you can create URL links to offer users access to external content like videos and websites. These links can be tracked, showing you how many users clicked on it. This is one of the unique features of V-Rooms virtual data room that might seem like something not very significant, but it can be rather useful sometimes.

You can organize folders as usually adding tags and labels to help others understand the structure. And if you can’t figure out how to build the efficient hierarchy of folders, you can use one of the numerous templates V-Rooms offers. They will help you quickly generate structure, instructions, and tasks.

Wait, what instructions? In the V-Rooms data room, you can create a page with instructions with a welcome message, guidelines, and links for invited parties. This page will help users to figure out how to use the virtual data room you’ve built. That’s another unusual feature we’ve never met reviewing other providers.

This provider allows customizing the data room, adding corporate branding and logo to the interface. Since you can create multiple workflows for different deals, you can pick various color schemes for each workspace. Also, you can choose one of the workspaces as your home data room to access it faster.

When it comes to user management, V-Rooms does an excellent job. You can grant and withdraw access, change permissions and meticulously control the access to the data room. Although some users find it difficult to manipulate all these settings. They feel insecure since it’s hard to understand if everything is set up correctly.

Still, V-Rooms gives even more control over the users. You can create custom requirements for passwords and set the session timeout to sign users out when they’re inactive for a certain period. Additionally, you can “blind” invited third-parties so that they don’t see each other in the virtual data room. It gives businesses a lot of space to play during the deal.

Moreover, you can create disclaimers for users to read and accept before entering the data room for the first time. It will protect you from unauthorized use of information. To engage third-parties in the deal, you can create tasks for them and send messages via email. These unique features are so useful that we start to wonder why didn’t other providers implement them.