SecureDocs Data Room

This vendor deserved the loyalty of its customers for the simple yet efficient software. It makes business processes that involve documents much more effortless and smooth, providing a straightforward environment full of useful tools. And since the solution is so simple, it is versatile as well. Read our SecureDocs data room review to understand if it is right for your firm.

SecureDocs data room review

The best solution is the simplest one – that must be the mantra of this provider. SecureDocs data room will be easy to use even for those who are not very familiar with technologies. Straightforward solutions are not only a pleasure to work with. They’re also can be rather flexible, and that’s just the case with SecureDocs.

This provider will be great for standard due diligence and mergers and acquisitions. But also it will do a brilliant job at holding specific deals like licensing and fundraising. The virtual data room itself will be an amazing tool for sharing the data internally and externally. Therefore, you will find it useful even between deals.

Thanks to the straightforward interface, businesses can invite third-parties not worrying they will struggle to understand what to do. However, even if someone faces the problem using the SecureDocs data room, the service team is available 24/7. Specialists are always ready to come to the rescue and guide the user through processes.

SecureDocs offers a rather standard set of features. This provider doesn’t overload users with over the top number of tools. Although, we feel like it went too far trying to maintain a minimalist service. There is one important feature missing – automatic indexing of files and folders. This highly necessary function saves a lot of time doing mundane work instead of the user. Yet, it’s not present in the SecureDocs virtual data room.

Another tool that would’ve been really useful is the ability to change user permissions in bulk. You have to through participants of the deal one by one to give them other rights. We could say that there are other functions that can be a compensation for the absence of these two. But let’s face the truth – the automatic indexing especially is something every data room must have.

However, let’s talk about positive sides. The administrator of the deal room can create custom viewing terms. Each invited user will have to read and agree to them entering the data room for the first time. This seemingly insignificant feature can protect the business in terms of unauthorized use of the information.

Another useful thing is the custom notifications. The manager can set what will trigger the system to send users alerts. Thus, businesses can improve workflow and accelerate processes. And using the reports, directors can see the actions of other users. It can give valuable insights and allow taking data-driven decisions. But also it allows controlling the activity of others.

The prices SecureDocs has are rather affordable and make us forgive this provider for the lack of two features. This vendor offers a 14-day free trial, and we advise you to use it to make the right decision.