What is SecureDocs?

SecureDocs is an American technology company founded in 2012. It’s headquartered in Goleta, California, and serves clients across 122 countries.

The SecureDocs software offer includes three products: the SecureDocs virtual data room, the ContractWorks contract management software, and the ReadySign software, designed for secure online document signing and storage.

SecureDocs features

The SecureDocs VDR offers security features such as:

  • multi-factor authentication
  • granular user permissions
  • watermarking
  • a customizable dashboard that allows admins to filter activity by user, role, or group, as well as document uploads, downloads and views
  • an exportable activity log

Other SecureDocs solutions include:

  • quick-start self-setup — a new client can set up their data room in under ten minutes, with no need for training or technical support
  • electronic signature
  • document templates

SecureDocs pricing

SecureDocs offers two flat-fee plans and one customizable volume package plan. All three offer unlimited support, data storage and users, and the same security, customization and document sharing features. The differences between the plans are:

Three-month plan

  • billed quarterly
  • US$ 400 per month, so a total of US$ 1,200
  • ideal for projects that last under three months

Twelve-month plan

  • billed annually
  • US$ 250 per month, so a total of US$ 3,000
  • ideal for projects that last for more than three months

Volume Package plan

  • billed annually
  • pricing depends on volume
  • ideal for companies managing multiple deals simultaneously

SecureDocs doesn’t offer packages that include multiple data rooms, so each additional data room is charged separately. However, there are discounts if the client hires multiple twelve-month plans. The first twelve-month data room comes for the full $3,000 price, but each additional annual data room has a discounted rate of $1,500.

For non-profit clients, SecureDocs does offer price discounts on single data room plans. SecureDocs doesn’t provide free flash drives. The cost of one USB archive is US$ 300. 

SecureDocs free trial

SecureDocs offers a 14-day free trial of their virtual data room. Test users have access to full security features and unlimited users and storage during the trial period. Prospective clients can also request a product demo.

SecureDocs support and deployment

SecureDocs provides technical customer support by email and phone. If a prospective client or customer has quick questions, they can use the website chat. The SecureDocs website also offers training videos, webinars and user guides to their software.

SecureDocs is a cloud-based software. It works best on the Google Chrome browser, on desktop as well as mobiles.