What is OneHub?

There are many virtual data rooms on the market, but only a few have such an attention to detail and security as OneHub. The OneHub virtual data room solution focuses on the core values that a provider should embolden, like complete governance over the security of your files inside of the online file storage, as well as secure file sharing. Those are two fundamentals that the well-aware team at OneHub makes sure are stable.

OneHub solutions provide an all-around virtual data room experience to their customers. Through customization features and file-sharing capabilities, they create an online file repository that fulfills the need of branding experts and transactional specialists. Visit their site to find out more or to schedule a free trial to see if the OneHub software solution is a good fit for your business. 

OneHub features

Like any virtual data room solution, OneHub has features that make it an appealing product to potential customers. Those features should grab your attention as they are important for your business operations. 

The most significant features OneHub offers include:

  • Drag-and-drop capabilities. Uploading files to a OneHub VDR is easy using their drag-and-drop feature.
  • Branding potential. The OneHub data room offers complete customization, including the company logo and color scheme for a professional-looking design.
  • Special security. A variety of security algorithms monitor the space. Combined with two-factor authentication and permission settings, OneHub can shield all your important data from potential leaks.
  • File preview. After uploading documents into the online file storage, you can see the file inside of the virtual data room without having to download it. This is especially convenient when using the virtual data room on the go. 
  • Cooperation. The space can be utilized in a variety of ways, adding tasks to documents, integrating it with Google Drive, or just keeping a Q&A section in the virtual data room for the interested party to keep asking questions and further chase the important company objectives. 
  • Sharing documents. The virtual data room can also be utilized for a variety of business operations like deals, transactions, or just cooperation on a product. The sharing functionality is a tool that helps the workflow of different business operations, and it is important that it works as designed. 
  • File management. Putting all of those documents into one space and later organizing them in a sensible and accessible way could be a strenuous task. However, the OneHub virtual data room assists you and helps manage the files inside of the online storage.

OneHub pricing

The OneHub data room cost structure can be divided into four pricing plans. Those include:

Standard$12.50 per month/per user, if billed annuallyAllows for 200 users, 50 workspaces, and 1TB of online storage
Advanced$20 per month/per user, if billed annuallyAllows for 1000 users, 200 workspaces, and unlimited cloud storage
Data Room Edition$300 per month, if billed annuallyAllows for 1000 users, 200 workspaces, unlimited storage, watermarking, and a slew of other important, convenient features.
Unlimited Edition$500 per month, if billed annuallyAllows for unlimited users and workspaces and unlimited storage capacity, plus additional features your business might need. 

OneHub free trial 

OneHub’s plans can be tested with their 14-day free trial before committing to a specific subscription plan. This allows you to evaluate the data room’s features to see how the software solution suits your needs. Contact a company representative to request a demo.

OneHub support and deployment

OneHub’s website offers resources to better understand their service and provides answers to FAQs. The OneHub support team is also available to answer any additional questions you might have, while Data Room and Unlimited edition subscribers also benefit from 24/7 phone support.