What is Multipartner?

Multipartner is a virtual data room provider that employs extremely high control standards for documents and secures file sharing through user-activity monitoring. The company was founded in Rome, Italy, in 2002 provides its clients with worldwide access to their virtual data room solution.

Multipartner features

Virtual data rooms were created for storing and sharing confidential data. So what are the Multipartner specific features that make their solution worth looking at?

  • Bulk upload of documents and users. You don’t have to sort your files manually inside of the virtual data room, you just need to upload the folder structure and a list of authorized users, the rest is taken care of by the virtual data room.
  • Email. You can send emails from within the virtual data room. That allows you to store confidential information in one place, and makes backtracking much easier.
  • Notification. The virtual data room notifies authorized users about every new upload. 
  • Reports. The Multipartner VDR generates activity reports. You can download them in a variety of formats, including Word and PDF. 
  • Advanced Q&A. If users are having trouble with some of their files or folders, they can ask questions in the Q&A section. 
  • Advanced search. Being able to find what you are looking for is important in spaces like virtual data rooms. With full-text search capabilities, you can find necessary documents, searching the file name and tags associated with the document.

Multipartner pricing

This software provider does not disclose its pricing structure publically. Contact a sales representative to request a personalized quote.

Multipartner support and usage

Multipartner provides a free demo for potential clients. Their advisory team will set you up with a personalized plan that suits your needs. If any issues arise, contact their support center to speak with a live representative. Their cloud-based software solutions are ready-to-use — so you don’t have to worry about downloading plugins. Additionally, their app for mobile devices allows you to oversee all the activities in the virtual data room.

The Multipartner data room has a 24/7/365 help desk that will help you with all of your issues. Plus, in case of an emergency or an accident, their Disaster Recovery feature can save the livelihood of your files.