MIT awards $1.6 million annually to organizations revolutionizing the future of work.

Regional Winners

Twenty exemplary future of work organizations were selected at five global events to proceed to MIT where four were selected as Global Grand Prize Winners.

Africa Asia Europe
Social Lender
Tiny Totos
Asia Initiatives
Reaktor Education
Latin AmericaUS & Canada
Center for Family Life in Sunset Park (CFL)

A Celebration

We celebrated the 20 Regional Winners at the IIC Global Grand Prize Gala in Cambridge, MA USA. Meet the Winners.

Regional Finalists

Our 60 Regional Finalists competed this year at events in five regions. Twenty Regional Winners were selected to proceed to MIT. All IIC Regional Finalists were carefully vetted from a pool of 1,500 global registrations, and represent some of the best future of work solutions on the planet. We congratulate this year’s outstanding field of organizations that are harnessing technology to increase economic opportunity and prosperity for workers! 


Financial Inclusion: Bloom Impact, Inclusivity Solutions

Income Growth & Job Creation: Kumwe Solutions, Indlu

Skills Development & Opportunity Matching:, Shortlist

Technology Access: Flare, Farmerline Limited


Financial Inclusion: FIA Technology Services, Pacific Development Foundation

Income Growth & Job Creation: Polly & Other Stories, Nest

Skills Development & Opportunity Matching:, JOBDOH

Technology Access: SatSure, Stellapps Technologies


Financial Inclusion: Innovative Assessments, pirkx

Income Growth & Job Creation: SOLUNCH, Labour Xchange

Skills Development & Opportunity Matching: Generation, PitchMe

Technology Access: Libraries Without Borders / Offline Internet Consortium, Pedius

Latin America

Financial Inclusion: Banco Maré, BLU365

Income Growth & Job Creation: Bolsa Rosa, Aflore

Skills Development & Opportunity Matching: Quantum Talent, Reprograma

Technology Access: Aequales, Siglo

US & Canada

Financial Inclusion:, Prosper Canada

Income Growth & Job Creation: Talent Beyond Boundaries, JobBliss Inc

Skills Development & Opportunity Matching: Credly, Code Nation

Technology Access: Ulula, The Rumie Initiative

Virtual data room providers for MIT awards organizations revolutionizing the future of work

The virtual data room is a software that provides an online space for storing and sharing files. It is a secure, private, and controlled space that allows users to share information with other people.

A virtual data room provider can provide a more efficient way for MIT Awards organizations to share their documents with their stakeholders and partners.

It not only reduces the risk of miscommunication but also removes the need for printing or scanning paper documents.

The MIT awards organizations revolutionizing the future of work is a data room due diligence process that is used by the organizations to make sure that they are getting all the information they need.

The process includes a company going through all the data and documents in a data room and verifying if they are going to be able to use them in their project or not.

The MIT awards revolutionizing the future of work is an application that allows its users to store and share information in a safe, secure manner. The virtual data room pricing is not only affordable, but also has features that are not available with traditional data rooms.

A Global Tournament

The IIC is MIT’s premier future of work prize, awarding $1.6 million annually to entrepreneurs using technology to create economic opportunity for workers. We collaborate with like-minded organizations in five regions to select and celebrate sixty Regional Finalists from across the globe. Twenty Regional Winners proceed to MIT where four Global Grand Prize Winners each win $250,000 and world-wide recognition. Our mission is to accelerate the global future of work movement to ensure an equitable economy that works for all in the digital era.

Global Grand Prize Gala

Registration & Application PeriodRegistration Opens March 7, 2019
Registration Closes May 9, 2019
Application Closes May 23, 2019
JudgingAdministrative Review May 24-June 4, 2019
Judge Evaluation June 5-July 10, 2019
Announcements & Regional EventsRegional Finalists Announced July 23, 2019
Regional Celebrations September-October 2019
Global Grand Prize GalaGlobal Grand Prize Winners Announced November 21, 2019

Since the IIC launched in 2016

4,500 organizations have registered from more than 150 Nations with the help of 100+ Global Outreach Partners 700 Judges 4,300 Event Attendees and MIT has celebrated 100 Winners awarding $5m for tech for good.

2022 Grand Prize Winners


Skills Development & Opportunity Matching

US & Canada


Income Growth & Job Creation


Solar Freeze

Technology Access



Financial Inclusion


Ndeye Thiaw

Managing Partner, Brightmore Capital

Region: Africa

Role: Judge

Ndeye heads deal sourcing and transaction execution as a partner of Brightmore Capital, an impact investment firm focused on SMEs in Francophone West Africa with offices in Dakar and Abidjan.

Ndeye started her career in the development finance world, working on a pilot project on risk management for the International Finance Corporation (IFC). She subsequently joined the hub office of Dakar, Senegal covering Francophone West Africa as part of the Investment team in charge of identifying business opportunities, executing transactions, actively managing portfolio projects and building relationships with clients in the banking sector.  Later on, after several entrepreneurial ventures, she spearheaded the launching of an angel investor network with a gender-focus lens in Senegal. Ndeye is driven by a strong commitment to contribute to the private sector development in her region by executing innovative, developmental, and profitable investments. 

Ndeye holds a MBA from the University of California, Riverside.

Why are you optimistic about the future of work?

We, at Brightmore Capital, are addressing a huge development gap in Francophone Africa with very low VC/PE presence for the many fast-growing SMEs.

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