Merrill DatasiteOne

It is one of the oldest virtual data room providers out there. Of course, there are VDR brands exist for much longer. But we still are always amazed by vendors that were created in the middle of the previous century. Unfortunately, most of them can’t compete with modern providers because old-fashioned ones often lack agility and the skill to follow the business world. However, that’s not the case with Merrill DatasiteOne.

Merrill DatasiteOne review

Before you start considering Merrill data room as a possible solution for your company, pay attention to the mission of this provider. It focuses on large enterprises that hold cumbersome deals. That’s why you will see plenty of huge Wall Street corporation among Merrill’s customers. And that’s why the price is higher than the average. 

However, it doesn’t mean that if you have a smaller company, this provider is not for you. You can pick it if you feel like it fits the requirements, and the fee doesn’t seem too high for you. Merrill Datasite offers a free demo, and you should take advantage of it to see the service and all its features. It can help you to understand if this provider is really a correct choice.

Unlike the software of most old-fashioned vendors, Merrill virtual data room is packed with various features. Users can upload documents of any format, even archives. Their size can reach up to an incredible 50 GB per upload. Also, the manager of the data room can schedule when the document will be published, keeping it in a sandbox for a while. This software supports 11 languages and offers optical text recognition.

One of the features that Merrill highlights on its website is the search. But studying customer reviews, we have noticed that most of them are not content with it. They complain that it is not working as it should, making it impossible to find the required files. That’s a significant drawback because efficient document management heavily relies on the search function.

Things are much better in the collaboration department. Merrill offers the notification system that will alarm users about new files that were just uploaded. It allows parties to react quickly, accelerating the process. A Q&A section is enhanced with a setup wizard. With its help, the manager can create Q&A teams, categories and decision rights in no time. Also, the Q&A section has a dashboard that displays the status of inquiries. It helps to manage the questions and answers efficiently.

Reports are something Merrill is really proud of. They are beautiful and very informative. CEOs can receive many valuable ideas and data from these reports. And to get detailed analytics on the KPI of the deal, managers can create custom dashboards. All the reports and stats can be exported via email, in Excel or PDF.

The interface is highly intuitive and therefore, very easy to use. Customers are also satisfied with the aesthetics saying the desktop version of Merrill virtual data room looks great. Unlike the mobile interface, which many find unattractive.