Intralinks Dealspace

Intralinks began its journey as a virtual data room provider back in 1996, becoming a true pioneer in this industry.

This provider has managed to gather almost all corporations from Fortune 1000 as its clients. That allows us to take a grasp of this virtual data room quality – it takes a lot to deserve the loyalty of so many huge and famous companies as Intralinks did. And even though this provider focuses on due diligence, you shouldn’t turn away from it instantly if you have other needs. Stay with us and read about the Intralinks virtual data room because it deserves your attention.

Most of the time, Intralinks works with complex deals large enterprises hold. It gives this provider quite a lot of experience in the management of enormous volumes of information. Therefore, you can expect your virtual data room to work swiftly, offering you a seamless workflow. The technology behind Intralinks services is very powerful. Thus, you will never experience lags that might delay the deal.

Obviously, advanced technologies come at higher costs. So if you take a look at the prices Intralinks has, you will see that they’re higher than average. But it’s a well-known fact that you have to pay for high-quality service. The good news is that Intralinks offers different packages. If you don’t need a complex solution, you can stick to the basic version that will cost you less. In case if you feel like you need more functions, you can add more modules to extend the software. Still, even with additional features, you should remember that Intralinks Dealspace is focused on due diligence. Therefore, it might not suit some business processes, even in the most extended version.

Customers will face another restriction – the lack of customization. You can’t add corporate colors and logo to the interface, customize the login screen, your domain, or agreements. That’s upsetting, especially considering the high price of this software. Customization is a standard feature we would expect every data room to have.

Maybe, Intralinks overlooks the customization because this provider focuses on other things. Holding deals in this virtual data room is a pure pleasure. It is accessible from any device. Users have every security feature possible. There even are different levels of access not only for groups of users but for each of them separately. When it comes to document maintenance, everything seems perfect as well. You will have watermarks, automatic indexing, and an advanced search. You can set the expiration date for documents and control their versions. The Q&A section is also present.

So except for the lack of customization, Intralinks data rooms seem to be good for due diligence. You can get a free 30-day trial to put the service to the test and see if it fits your company.