Imprima Data Room

This provider claims to offer the leading virtual data room for any deal: mergers and acquisitions, IPO, due diligence, asset management, real estate, raising capital, and so on. On the Imprima website, it is said that this vendor stands behind more than $1 trillion-worth transactions. Well, let’s take a look at this software.

Imprima data room review

Looking at this provider’s website, we were amazed by its ambitions. It seems like IROOMS virtual data rooms are the best service you can ever get. Imprima claims to be the best even in terms of security, calling itself “the world’s most secure VDR”. Although looking at the encryption this provider is using, we can say that it is as secure as other data rooms. Even the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate this vendor brags about is not something unusual and unique.

When it comes to the features, there is nothing over the top as well. You will get the standard drag and drop upload, and you will be able to download files in bulk. There is very precise control of user access. Also, you can manage the actions invited users can perform with particular documents.

Of course, Imprima data room doesn’t require any plugins and is rather straightforward. It supports all the major browsers allowing users to access the virtual data room from anywhere at any moment. This VDR is compatible with all devices and platforms. Also, it supports all the most popular file types, and even pictures, emails, and AutoCAD files. Real estate firms will find the last format especially useful.

The major advantage of this provider is that its data rooms allow holding cumbersome deals with large volumes of information and numerous participants. The intuitive interface will insure that invited users will not feel frustrated with all the features. And the ability to change permissions and data room structure instantly gives businesses much more control over the software and the deal. There is one useful nuance we’ve spotted – each of the permissions levels have different color codes. This little detail makes the deal maintenance much easier for the administrator.

Other features are quite common. There is two-factor authentication for preventing unauthorized access. Dynamic watermarks will protect documents from unwanted use. Using the Q&A section businesses can accelerate the deals and make the process more smooth. And real-time reports will improve decision-making.

On the paper, Imprima is a good virtual data room, but it doesn’t offer anything that exceptional to call itself the best. It’s a bit weird that we couldn’t find any customer reviews because this provider claims to have many huge companies among its clients. Usually, users tend to leave a review no matter if it’s good or bad. It seems like it’s not the case with Imprima. This vendor doesn’t offer a free trial, but you can get a free demo. And we strongly advise you to ask for it because you can understand if this provider fits your needs only when you see the software from the inside.