iDeals Data Room

If you ask us what the most well-known virtual data room provider is, iDeals will most likely be the first name that pops up in mind. This vendor seems to offer a perfect and truly agile service that can satisfy any needs of companies from any industry. But we never believe a flawless image, so we’ve tried to find some flaws. Did we succeed with this task? Read our full review to find out.

iDeals data room review

The versatility of this virtual data room provider is obvious from the very beginning – iDeals offers three different pricing plans. If you have a small firm, the basic plan must fit you just well. For a big organization, the enterprise plan will be suitable. And if you need something in the middle – the pro plan might be the right solution.

Of course, due to the complexity of the service data room providers usually, never have a fixed price for everyone. However, they rarely give at least some kind of guideline, simply asking potential customers to find out the cost of the service. iDeals doesn’t tell the price as well, but it simplifies the process for the client already giving the outline of the future software.

However, there might be the reason why iDeals VDR pricing is not shown on the website. This provider is not cheap, comparing to others. It might perform better than competitors in terms of speed, features, and smoothness. Here we should mention that iDeals offers a 30-days free trial you totally should take advantage of. Then you can evaluate your experience.

When it comes to implementation option, the client can choose between the cloud or on-premise installation. That’s rather standard, to be fair. But we have to admit that there are providers that offer only cloud implementation. So let’s be grateful for the opportunity to choose.

Now let’s move on to the features. Here iDeals checks every need possible, offering a full range of tool you might need in the virtual data room. With the iDeals VDR the upload of files will be effortless – just drag and drop all the documents in bulk. And if you already have a structure of folders established on your computer, it will remain preserved. All the documents will be indexed automatically.

For the safe and convenient document management, there are watermarks, a fence view feature, a remote shred tool, a spreadsheet viewer. You will even find a virus scanner here. iDeals offers a full-text search that will fetch you the required files quickly. Also, users have complete freedom working with files. There is even the possibility to merge several documents into one file. So if you’re content with the price, iDeals might be your perfect solution.