What is Drooms?

There are many virtual data room providers on the market, but few have a history dating back to 2001. Drooms is a German-based company that delivers software solutions to a huge worldwide market. Estimates show that they employ between 51 and 200 people with annual revenues in the ballpark of $33M.

Drooms is a service provider that provides a wide range of virtual data room features. Drooms values the confidentiality of their customers’ companies by giving them access to a secure and accessible file-sharing platform. Through a focus on data room branding and compliance with the latest data protection laws, this software solution may be a well-suited candidate for many businesses. If you are unsure if you should give them a try, check out their free trial, and see if the Drooms VDR is something that might just fit your needs.

Drooms features

Each virtual data room has its own set of characteristics. However, Drooms provides a couple of unique features that might sway a company’s decision-maker to choose this solution over the others available in the virtual data room market. 

The Drooms VDR provides its customers with:

  • Mobile access to files via browser, iPad, and iPhone
  • Contracts closed via the data room that are compliant with German law 
  • Data protection that adheres to EU/GDPR guidelines 
  • The ability to upload documentation to the data room via email

Drooms pricing

A Drooms data room requires a €700 installation fee — plus German-based clients incur additional fees. Domestic USB archives are free, but if you require an international delivery option, Drooms charges for the shipping costs.

Drooms offers two tiers of direct-service pricing. The Pro tier includes a capability interface for storage capacity of +3GB and +10 users. This solution comes without the Q&A module and limited support, though additional features can be purchased. 

The Custom tier tailors to the client’s needs. Drooms provides each potential client with a detailed document explaining its subscription options.  After deciding on a plan and receiving a personalized Drooms cost, users get access to the following features:

  • Extended permissions
  • Data room branding
  • 24/7/365 helpline 
  • Q&A module 
  • Unlimited amount of users
  • Notifications 
  • Initial training 
  • Drag-and-drop uploading
  • Dedicated server in Germany

Drooms free trial

This seems like a very complicated process for the client to go through, so, fortunately enough, a Drooms virtual data room comes with a 30-day trial. During the trial period, five users can access the space and use up to 1GB of storage. Almost all of the custom tier features are available during the trial — except the helpline. It is worth giving this solution a try. 

Drooms support and deployment

Short-term projects — under 12 months — require a one-month preparation period, with longer projects requiring two months. When it comes to client support, as was mentioned earlier, the pro tier only has access to 24/7 chat support, while the custom tier can access the 24/7 helpline.