Board portal software for Board meetings

What is a Board Portal?

The board portal allows managing the workflow of the team of directors and improves the communication between them. This service is fairly vital for modern businesses because directors nowadays seem to have more things to do than ever. Of course, in such a rush, they have no time to fruitfully interact with each other, let alone following all the processes in other departments. And that’s getting even more cumbersome when some directors are remote or on a business trip.

When the board of directors can’t cooperate productively, all the processes in the company start to crumble because of the lack of structure. Although many business owners tend to neglect this rule and spend a lot of money and efforts trying to assemble the suite of teamwork tools for employees. While often all you need to do is to bring order and structure to the board of directors.

Then you will be good with a single tool – a virtual board room. With this software, directors can always be in touch and keep an eye on every process that is happening in the company. A board app brings directors many instruments that can improve their communication and teamwork. And with this service it doesn’t matter that members of the board are far away from each other – they will feel as if they’re working under the same roof.

virtual board room

Directors have secure chats in their board management software that allow them to discuss matters in the save environment. Members can tag mentioned documents in messages to make it easier for others to access them. And if some users need to talk about something privately, they can create a separate chat no one will even know about. Another communication tool is the feature that allows creating polls. They let directors decide on minor issues and even plan time and date for the next meeting.

Also, it is great for planning meetings and making them more efficient and fruitful. Here directors can create tasks and plan workflows for themselves, their employees and other members of the board. Additionally, they can track the progress of separate teams and the company, in general, using analytics. This tool allows for detecting flaws in the workflow as well.

Since the board software also offers a secure repository for the corporate data, businesses can welcome new directors effortlessly simply giving them access to the board room. Then they can study all the information by themselves, not bothering anyone and taking as much time as they need. They will have access to all the required information and even records of previous meetings. This allows newcomers to get into the workflow as quickly as possible.

Board management Software for Board Meetings

The meetings management software can benefit the business in many ways. It will:

  • simplify the planning of upcoming meetings;
  • allow directors to get ready in advance;
  • make meetings more structured and fruitful;
  • help memorize everything that was decided during the meeting;
  • let build the future workflow and track the progress;
  • keep all the records of the meetings for future access.

But let’s take a look at all that in details. Members of the board can plan the meeting using a poll feature. They can create a quiz with possible dates and time for the upcoming event and choose the option that will be suitable for most directors. Then using the schedule, directors can set reminders about the meeting so that they don’t forget about it.

Before the meeting, members of the board can get ready going through all relevant documents and taking a look at processes held in other departments using the task manager. Thus, when the meeting starts, they can jump to the discussion skipping that time-consuming study of documents and reports.

As the meeting goes, directors can record it and store the records in the meeting management software. Later they can access them when needed to review the information. Additionally, during the event, members of the board can create tasks following the discussion. It will ensure that no one forgets about anything, and all the decisions are registered in the board portal.

meetings management software

Once everything is discussed, and a new plan is fixed in the task manager, directors can go back to work and keep an eye on the progress in the virtual board room. They will see if employees are working on the planned tasks. And using analytics and reports, members of the board can spot drawbacks in processes and track the overall productivity of the company.

Another case when a board meeting app will come in handy is when directors are far from each other. Then they can use some video conference app in addition to the board portal. Seeing each other and having access to all the documents and information they will feel as if they’re sitting in the same room.

Also, such software is vital for companies that often involve third-parties in board meetings. Invited participants can get limited access to the board portal so that they can have access to the required information and feel comfortable during the event. It will also boost the efficiency of the discussion.