Virtual Data Room Investment Banking

Why Banks Use Digital Data Room 

The banking sphere requires certified software products that ensure a highly secure space for operating confidential information. Most often, banking corporations use virtual data rooms to complete M&A transactions. But because of following VDR’s advantages Investment Banking and Commercial banking choose VDR solutions:

Secure sharing and storing of business documentation

High data security is the main advantage of virtual data room platforms. The VDR software is certified by a number of independent organizations (HIPPA, GDPR, SOC 1 or 2, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified) those test providers and assign certificates to them, which are a guarantee of information security. Only VDR services take responsibility for the security of confidential information.

Improving collaboration

The VDR platform enables the synchronization of all data in one safe place. Using one software product improves the organization of working processes. In addition to the fact that the work on one platform optimizes the work within the company, the VDR provides an opportunity to give access to certain documentation to external interested parties. VDR is the ability to access information that is in the cloud platform at any time from anywhere in the world. Round-the-clock access to information greatly facilitates the business communication of parties from different time zones.

Full control and transparency

VDR providers allow you to fully control user activity in your cloud space. You have the opportunity to receive reports on views, time and number of users who worked in the VDR. Such statistics make it possible to determine the level of involvement of the buyer or seller. Opportunity for enhanced supervision investment bankers can also monitor tasks and status of processes.

Acceleration transaction process

Given all of the above advantages, transactions in investment banking are carried out much faster due to the availability and transparency of processes. The technology at the core of the virtual data room simplifies the exchange of data, which eliminates duplicate requests, and you can easily assign tasks.

Risk reduction

Full control over the airspace, ease of use and accessibility helps reduce the risk of loss of information, failure of the main processes in Banking. 

How Banking Uses VDR Software

Most of the processes in the field of banking and finance are carried out in the virtual space. The most common ways to use VDR by investment bankers:

  • To define and control the transaction time
  • Preparation of investment proposals for potential participants
  • To improve cooperation between the buyers and sellers
  • Conduct due diligence
  • To successfully plan the integration
Commercial bankingInvestment Banking
Secure document exchange
Loan syndication
Sell-Side and Buy-Side M&A
Raising Capital
Rights Issues
Strategic Partnerships
Debt and equity fundraising
Loan syndication

Commercial Banking Virtual Data Room

Regardless of whether your bank is local or global, you regularly engage in operations that combine important assets, multiple players, and the exchange of confidential information. From liquidating a business to structuring, buying and selling loans, you must collect, analyze and share data in a secure online environment that will work both for your consultants and potential partners, as well as for your internal team.

Investment Banking Virtual Data Room

Online data room for investment banking is an online repository of important and confidential data. Banking specialists need a VDR that will allow to control and analyze all user’s activity. Working in the complex and rapidly changing world of investment banking companies, you, like you, need an information room that can effectively simplify the process of concluding transactions. The intuitive design of Virtual Data Room allows you and your customers to quickly organize and securely exchange all the necessary financial and operational documents necessary for due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, fundraising and other financial transactions or partnerships. To investors, regulators, corporations, lawyers, consultants – you want to give them quick, convenient, controlled access to the documents you need to see them – and nothing more.