Ansarada Data Room

This provider is not trying to get every customer out there offering solutions for all the business processes. Instead, Ansarada focuses on Mergers and Acquisitions and makes sure that it does the best job at accelerating such deals. As a result, users get efficient yet very simple software that works perfectly for M&A.

Ansarada data room review

This is not the most well-known virtual data room provider. But if you don’t chase the popularity, you might find this Australian vendor rather good for your needs. The Ansarada pricing is quite affordable, and the data room is packed with all the features users need for buying and selling.

There is even a built-in Artificial Intelligence named AiDA – Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant. Its purpose is to help with making the right decisions. It will become a great aid at understanding the intentions of third-parties you’re going through the deal with. Thus, you will be able to make data-driven decisions and realize your chances. Also, AiDA will quickly fetch you the information on the data room when you need it immediately. 

Even though Ansarada data room is primarily created for Mergers and Acquisitions, many customers also use it to raise capital, hold audits and IPOs, and other purposes. Clients find this service rather convenient and easy to interact with thanks to the simple interface. However, there are some drawbacks. For example, customers point out that uploading large bulks of data they’ve experienced delays. It seems like this software is not dealing well with vast volumes of information, and the upload process becomes very long. Also, clients mention that it is hard to determine whether all files were uploaded successfully or not.

At the same time, users say that Ansarada virtual data room does a great job at maintaining Mergers and Acquisition deals with multiple biggers. With this provider, it is possible to even for a small team to manage thousands of questions from numerous bidders. And since Ansarada is cloud-based, it is very easy to access from anywhere at any moment.

Another feature of customers seems to be very satisfied with is the report system. This virtual data room offers detailed and informative analytics that can help to understand the nuances of the current deal and make better data-driven decisions. Some users had issues trying to print the reports, but the support service quickly helped them to solve the problem.

Ansarada, as well as many other best providers, allows setting permissions for files and levels of access for users. However, clients complain that it is not convenient to change permission settings for documents since you can’t do it in bulk. Going one by one through a large number of files is a rather cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Overall, all the Ansarada customers seem to be satisfied with the service. This provider will be perfect both for large companies that go through complex deals, and startups that are not very familiar with due diligence and mergers and acquisitions.